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National Religious Freedom Day Virtual Conference

You are invited to Working Together for Religious Freedom, a virtual interfaith conference for National Religious Freedom Day - Sunday, January 16, 1pm PST (4pm EST).

Speakers include:

  • Dr. John Farina - George Mason University Professor of Religion and Society; Religion and Law; and American Religious History. Yale University (MDiv), Columbia University (PhD), and New York University School of Law (JD). On what National Religious Freedom Day signifies and the origins of religious freedom in the United States.

  • Bishop L. J. G. Guillory - Honorable Archbishop to the North America Archdiocese Unitarian Universalist Church and CEO of the nonprofit human rights watchdog Ombudsman International. On religious freedom in the here and now.

  • Dr. Arik Greenberg - Founder and President of The Institute for Religious Tolerance, Peace and Justice and Professor of Interreligious Dialogue, Loyola Marymount University. Claremont Graduate University (PhD). On the role of interfaith and the importance of religions working together to overcome discrimination, intolerance and hate.

Following our main speakers, there will be an informal discussion centered around religious discrimination and religious freedom issues in the U.S. (at the state or federal level, and whether concerning your religious community or another) and what you feel the interfaith community can do about it.


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