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Celebrating I.M.F.C.’s Chief Chaplain Guillermo Ahumada

For the past five years, on the 8th of December we have observed Chief Chaplain Guillermo Ahumada Day as designated in 2017 by the City of Los Angeles. The day celebrates a pioneer of the Spanish media in the United States, his work as Chief of Professional Chaplains Inc., and his four-decade commitment to the community of Southern California.

Chaplain Ahumada’s humanitarian work was recently acknowledged with the Latin University of Theology Doctorate in Divinity and Human Rights bestowed by the dean and founder Manuel Tojerino.

Chaplain Ahumada is also a master of radio and television, famous for his role as the managing editor at Estrella TV channel 62. He is now with the new TV Channel 57 Vision Latina Tv where he heads programming, revolutionizing information in Spanish with great communicators of prestige and respect to the Latinx community.

The new programming kicked off the first week of January with a varied schedule of news, entertainment and opinion programs available through DIRECTV 441, Dish Latino 825 and Spectrum 348.

Congratulations Don Guillermo!



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