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Ministers For Peace Pastor Devlin and Pastor Dimas

We present the second in our series Ministers for Peace with the messages from Pastor William Devlin and Pastor Dimas Salaberrios:

Pastor Dimas Salaberrios:

Hi, I'm pastor Dimas.

Pastor William Devlin:

I'm pastor William Devlin.

Pastor Dimas:

We're down here in Minneapolis trying to seek the peace of the city. We want you to please pray. A lot of young people are processing their grief, hurts and pains over the deaf with George Floyd.

Pastor William Devlin:

We're here to seek the peace in Minneapolis in the name of the prince of peace, Jesus, the messiah. So pray for Minneapolis. Pray for the other cities that are going through difficult times right now and keep the peace and seek the peace.

Pastor Dimas:

God bless you, keep looking up and keep Christ number one.

Pastor Dimas Salaberrios (born June 2, 1973) is an American pastor, author, and television and film producer.

He founded Infinity New York Church near the Bronx River Houses in New York City, in partnership with Tim Keller and Redeemer City to City in 2003. Pastor Dimas got his Master of Divinity degree from Alliance Theological Seminary, graduating in 2012.

In 2012, Infinity was evicted from Bronx River Community Center. Pastor Dimas, pastor Joe Fletcher, and about forty church leaders were arrested for protesting the Mayor for kicking churches out of communities. In 2013, he and Fletcher formed Infinity Bible Church in the Bronx where they both served as pastors.

For five years, Dimas was the President of Concerts of Prayer Greater New York (2013-2018). Currently, Dimas is Executive Producer of a weekday television show, The Dynamic Life, which airs on the Salsa Network.

In 2015, Salaberrios published the book Street God: The Explosive True Story of a Former Drug Boss on the Run from the Hood—and the Courageous Mission that Drove Him Back.

Pastor Dimas is married to television personality, Tiffany Salaberrios, and has two daughters.


Pastor William Devlin: is the CEO of international humanitarian organization, REDEEM! and a pastor at Infinity Bible Church in The Bronx.

Since 2006, Devlin has worked and given his time as an international humanitarian, spending weeks and months in some of the most dangerous, unwelcoming parts of the Middle East conducting humanitarian projects, while helping to save girls and women from the grasp of the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS).

Pastor Devlin has traveled to Israel more than 40 times since 2006, his first trip to Israel sponsored by the Jewish Community Relations Council and the Jewish Council for Public Affairs, according to information provided by the church. He’s also featured regularly on the New York Board of Rabbis weekly radio program and currently serves on the Jewish-Evangelical Roundtable, an outreach of the New York Board of Rabbis. He serves on multiple inter-faith committees with the Jewish community.

Don’t tell me you have a friend in Jesus until you show me first I have a friend in you. Pastor Devlin

Pastor Devlin pastored in Manhattan, New York, from 2008 to 2013 but said God gave him a “radical call” to go to the hard and dangerous places where no one else is going, The real message at home and overseas, Pastor Devlin continued, is to take God’s message of love that will help lead to practice “Tikkun Olam,” which means “repairing the world” in Hebrew — a Jewish concept defined by acts of kindness to help the world. First Presbyterian member John Griffin said Pastor Devlin is his “Apostle Paul.”

In addition to public appearances, Pastor Devlin has been featured regularly on television’s CNN, NBC, CBS and in the Bloomberg News, the New York Times, The Jewish Exponent newspaper, radio’s “Religion On The Line” with Rabbi Joseph Potasnik and other TV, print and radio media outlets.

Pastor Devlin said he uses all outlets to help increase awareness in the ongoing plights of religious persecution across the globe.

“In every country, there are hurting people and what we need to do as people of God is to get out there and help them,” he said. “Don’t tell me you have a friend in Jesus until you show me first I have a friend in you.” Pastor Devlin is part of the denomination the Evangelical Presbyterian Church, which counts as one of its members the Central Presbyterian Church in Manhattan and five churches in Brooklyn.



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