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Ministers For Peace Bishop Craig A. Worsham

We present the series Ministers for Peace with the message from our President Bishop Craig A. Worsham during this difficult times:

Bishop Craig A. Worsham:

"You see, in the book of Exodus, God gave a strategy to Moses to lead the people from the oppressive hand of Pharaoh. God gave him a strategy to lead the people out. And what we're seeing in our city, what we're seeing in our nation is an outcry of folks who want freedom and justice.

I come to tell you today, the community is mad as hell. Bishop Worsham

"So I say to every believer, I say to every saint, you can have your opinions about what's going on in the streets of our communities, the protesting, the rioting, the marching, you can have your opinions, but let us not become desensitized to the pain and the anger that thousands are feeling across this nation.

"We watched through every media outlet, every news outlet, every social media platform, we watched a black man lynched at the knee of a racist law enforcement officer.

"I come to tell you today, the community is mad as hell. And as a man of God, as a senior pastor, as a bishop in the Lord's church, I am not desensitized to the pain the people are feeling across this nation.

Bishop Craig Worsham serves as the President of The International Multi-Faith Coalition. He is the Founder & Sr. Pastor of The Agape Church of Los Angeles (Agape LA). Agape is a Church committed to Loving, Lifting, and Liberating humanity through the Word of God.

A respected spiritual leader, philanthropist, and humanitarian, he is dedicated to creating and providing programs, resources, and services to help the less fortunate. He is resolutely committed to making the Word of God become flesh through unconditional outreach,

and strives daily to lead a loving congregation with integrity and excellence. Bishop Worsham pastors on the principles of love, God’s Word, and a passion for humanity. He continues to operate with this same spirit of purpose today. As a result, Agape LA continues to experience remarkable growth in many areas.

Bishop Worsham was elected to the Bishopric by the Dominion Assembly of Charismatic Churches College of Bishops and consecrated to the Episcopacy in July 2011 by Bishop Larry D. Trotter.

Bishop Worsham superintends and covers some 50 plus churches in the US.

A uniquely gifted, creative and profound orator, he is a highly sought after, charismatic preacher, motivational speaker, lecturer, and writer with a burden to equip and empower people and church leaders to transform the world. His expertise in church planting, community development and youth ministry development have blessed many churches across the globe. Known for his “uncensored” and “down to earth” preaching style, Bishop Worsham has the ability to relate to people from diverse backgrounds, specifically focusing on emotional healing and restoring the spiritual authority of the believer.

Bishop Worsham has vast experience in urban ministry which has afforded him ministry opportunities throughout the United States and abroad. As an international evangelist, he has spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ all over the United States and has annually led hundreds of students abroad for mission work in Jamaica and Mexico. His political and theological evolution over the years has focused his ministry on addressing miscellaneous forms of oppression within communities positioned on the margins of society, the spiritual and social impact it has on the lives of hurting people and the psychological and spiritual liberation needed to move people into their destiny.

Currently Bishop Worsham serves as Chair of Faith Based Partnerships for the National Association of Real Estate Brokers in Baltimore, MD. In this capacity Bishop Worsham brings the Faith & Civic Community together as NAREB strives to create 2 million new African American Homeowners in 5 years.

Bishop Worsham has studied and prepared himself academically at Prairie View A&M University studying Political Science and English, Covenant Theological Seminary studying Divinity, Abundant Faith Seminary studying Christian Education & Episcopal Church Studies and The University of Southern California (USC) Cecil Murray Center for Civic & Community Engagement studying Public Policy & Civic Engagement.

He is the father of 1 daughter, Kennedi who is 11.



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