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VP Harris Meets with Faith Leaders

PBS News reports on Vice President Kamala Harris' meeting with religious leaders to exchange ideas on encouraging Americans to receive their coronavirus vaccinations, combating hate crimes and other issues.

KAMALA HARRIS: I want to talk with you about your thoughts about how we can, and you, in particular, as our faith based leaders, can help us to make sure that everyone when it is their turn gets a vaccine. And that is one of the first areas that I'd like to discuss with you. But also, on my mind today are what we need to do, and collectively, what we can do informed by you around what we're seeing around hate crime in America, what we are seeing around people turning on each other.

To the extent that you have thoughts and experience about what we can do to address some of the root causes that cause people to flee their home. Because as we all know, most people like being at home. They like being where they grew up. They like being in a place where they understand the culture.

It is part of their culture. They speak the language. So we have to ask, why do people leave then? And usually, they leave, because there is a lack of opportunity. Or it is just not safe. And then I would like to also share with you the concerns that, I think, many of us have about ensuring the right to vote, and what we can do to talk with folks and remind them of that vote being an expression of their being.

Harris also sought an exchange of views on combating hate crimes.

Early Wednesday, a parolee convicted of killing his mother nearly two decades ago was arrested on assault and hate crime charges in an attack on an Asian American woman in New York City.

The attack is among the latest in a national spike in anti-Asian hate crimes.

“What we are seeing around people turning on each other, treating their fellow human being as the other,” Harris said.

“And what we have the ability to do to see this moment of crisis in that regard as also an opportunity for coalition building,” she said.



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