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Ministers For Peace Rabbi Michael Shevack

This is Rabbi Michael Shevack from the Alliance for Enlightened Judaism.

My heart goes out, truly, it does, to all the members of the African American community who have once again been pressed to their limits.

This is a long standing problem that should have been handled decades ago. It's been here as long as I've been alive, and your violence is understandable, but it is begetting more violence and it has to stop.

The problem here is that there is a disconnect between communities and the police. The fire we need is not to torch a building and it's not to torch a car.

The fire we need is justice, righteousness, goodness, and a search for truth together.

Please, in the middle of this COVID crisis, what we need to remember is exactly what this little virus is teaching us. Please, we are in it together. Stop the violence, and citizens and police work together and form councils so this never, ever reaches this kind of peak that requires violence to call attention to it again.

Thank you very, very much. God bless you all.


Rabbi Michael Shevack is an inter-religious leader, author of five books, adjunct/professor in Comparative Religion/Business Spirituality, and counselor to businesses, non-profits and numerous UN NGO’s.

A former award-winning Madison Avenue Creative Director, Shevack wrote and launched many award-winning campaigns, including the still-running Gillette. The Best a Man Can Get campaign in over 120 countries.

"Today, not so much 'Jews', but the People of Israel are now connected back to their land. The 'religion' which was built around us, to protect us in the Diaspora, creating a portable tabernacle that would keep our nation alive, has greatly served its purpose. The moral and ethical structure of Western Civilization evolved over-time to become essentially 'Hebrew'. The secular, scientific, proof-based philosophy has taken over the world, replacing 'God-belief', or 'faith-bias', as the primary criterion of Truth." - Rabbi Michael Shevack

Read more at World Religion News: "Educating Israel: The True Return of Our People by Rabbi Michael Shevack"



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