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Ministers For Peace Mahomed Khan

Mohamed Khan:

Greetings of peace to everyone. My name is Mahomed Kahn. I'm a faith leader here in Southern California. Today it saddens me to see what's happening. It was a very painful death that occurred in the whole nation, observed it in a video, and we want justice, but justice doesn't come when people are stealing, robbing, looting, getting violent. And as they get violent, they're no different than the person who did the murder.

The protests are needed.

There has to be systematic changes; dealing with injustice, racism, and police brutality. But Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him, said, "One day of anarchy can be worse than a generation of tyranny." So we ask for calm, for peace, and justice.


Mahomed Akbar Khan is on Congressional Record having received the following honors from the U.S. Congressman The Honorable J. Luis Correa HONORING MAHOMED AKBAR KHAN ______

HON. J. LUIS CORREA of California in the house of representatives Mr. CORREA. Madam Speaker, I rise today to honor Mahomed Akbar Khan for his dedication to our youth and the Muslim community. With over 30 years of commitment to the people of Southern California, Mr. Khan has focused on conflict resolution, interfaith programs, humanitarian aid, and youth development.

In 1970, at age 9, Mr. Khan's family immigrated to the United States from South Africa during the apartheid. By the early 1990s, Mr. Khan co-founded over 25 Muslim student unions and campus organizations across the United States, including the Muslim Youth of North America (M.Y.N.A) which is the largest American Muslim youth organization today.

Mr. Khan's 30 years of experience in interfaith dialog and conflict resolution is exemplified by his notable accomplishments. As a student, he served as a Muslim Chaplain and provided impactful religious services to prison inmates. This service influenced many former gang leaders to return to their communities and devote their lives to gang intervention, easing tensions, and creating a peace movement on the streets.

Mr. Khan traveled to Israel as an ambassador of peace alongside Martin Luther King III, a ``civil rights Rabbi,'' advocating for an end to violence. Mr. Khan sat on the Economic and Poverty Alleviation Advisory Board for Xhosa King Sandile, where he was heavily involved in alleviating poverty and building peace strategies throughout South Africa.

Currently, Mr, Khan continues to bring impact and attention to local and global issues. Mr. Khan brought national attention to the Rohingya humanitarian crisis when he helped to organize a hearing before the House Foreign Affairs Committee in Washington, D.C. in 2018. This hearing brought over $130 million in emergency aid to the Rohingya refugees in Bangladesh.

Today, we celebrate the many humanitarian efforts and accomplishments of Mahomed Akbar Khan. His has committed his life to serving his local and global community by continuing to advocate for tolerance, peace, and non-violence. I ask my colleagues to join me in honoring and recognizing Mahomed Akbar Khan.

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