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Forum of Religious Leaders Denounces Television Academy’s Support of A&E Bigotry

President Pro-Tempore of the Latin American Forum of Religious Leaders, Monsignor Gustavo Adolfo Nazari, addressed Television Academy Vice President Julie Shore in the following formal letter, denouncing A&E hate and bigotry and calling for the Academy to remove the network’s discriminatory programming from the ballot:

"I am writing to you on behalf of the religious leaders who make up this interreligious continental parliament, to express our strongest rejection of the two nominations recently requested by the A&E television channel.

"As widely and openly denounced, the A&E Channel has for several years incurred gross violations of Human Rights by broadcasting explicitly racist, anti-Semitic, and discriminatory programs—programs that have caused very serious tragedies and multiple attacks on the life, honor and property of all victims, in all countries where the hate message of this television channel reaches.

"Because A&E defends and spreads the apology for genocide with the excuse of freedom of expression, Awards & Membership Services must immediately reject the request for nominations by this channel, publicly express its censure against its xenophobic content, and side with the Humanity promoting respect for multi-ethnicity, national diversity and religious plurality in these critical times."



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