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Devout Christian Leading Activist Against Human Trafficking Presents her new Book in D.C.

Christian mother and leading human rights activist Rosi Orozco is in Washington D.C. today presenting her book "Blank Page: Stories of Triumph from Human Trafficking Survivors".

In Blank Page, Rosi Orozco portrays with honesty and passion the harsh reality of human trafficking. Through the telling of true stories, ten brave survivors get a voice. Their experiences, together with practical information - the fruit of deep research that crosses borders and decades - reveal with full force the nature of this global problem.

This is a book to open the eyes and the heart, and thus see and feel what they and they feel. Not only that, it is a book to open our mouths and become the voice for those who do not have one.

Tim Ballard, Founder, Operation Underground Railroad described it as “...a tribute to the human spirit and its ability to overcome.”

Rosi Orozco is one Forbes Magazine Mexico top 50 most powerful women in Mexico and among the world’s most recognized activists in the fight against human trafficking. Her personal efforts have educated millions and trained thousands on human trafficking. Orozco has also directly helped rescue more than 300 human trafficking victims. The Secretary of Human Rights of the State of Mexico recently announced having nominated Orozco as a candidate to the Nobel Peace Prize in recognition for her trajectory as a Human Rights activist.

“There must be a shift in the American mindset,” Orozco says, pointing out that most Americans think slavery was abolished 150 years ago, and many think trafficking is a problem only in other countries. “But human trafficking is now called modern-day slavery for good reason. It is slavery, quite simply. It involves people who are chronically abused and have no ability to stop it.” Orozco said during an interview with Freedom Magazine.

Rita María Hernández is a member of the executive committee of the International Coalition for the Abolition of Prostitution, president of the organization Por Siempre Libre (Forever Free) in Tijuana, and general director of Mujer Libre (Free Woman), an online ministry for women.

She was the winner of the Human Rights award in 2017 in Baja California.

For her work against trafficking, Rosi Orozco has been awarded several important recognitions both internationally and nationally including recognition by Newsweek as one of the four most-courageous women in Mexico and within the top 150 worldwide.

“Rosi Orozco has been a pioneer in helping us understand that we can make a difference in the world in the fight against human trafficking.” —Dr. Cindy Jacobs; author, speaker; cofounder of Generals International

“Her rehabilitation protocol may be the best model I have ever seen.” —Marcelo Sánchez Sorondo, Chancellor, Pontifical Academy of Social Sciences

“Blank Page shows that even out of the darkest depths of human trafficking, survivors can find the strength to regain their freedom and, in the process, rewrite the narrative of their lives.”

—Leif Coorlim, Executive Editor, CNN Freedom Project


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